Frequently asked questions

Get expert answers to the most common questions about our robust task management tool, TaskOPad.

TaskOPad is a task management app or a project management app that you can use to assign, track and collaborate with your team or external stakeholders. You can also chat and discuss realtime, while keeping a tab on the daily productivity and the quantum of work being assigned to team members.

You can take a look at the brand video on the home page which should give you a brief idea. Alternatively, you can always request a Demo so that someone from our team can get in touch with you to show how this works.

At TaskOPad, we strive for taking your pain of managing tasks and writing everything in ‘sticky notes’. However, when you are going to pay for the software, we want to ensure that you love it and get the optimum outcome. Therefore, we have introduced a 15-day FREE trial, so that we get hands-on experience of how our task management tool frees up your team’s time and energy to focus on other productive work.

There are two subscription packages that are available i.e monthly and annual subscriptions. Usually we encourage people to take the annual subscription since that is more value for money, but if you are looking for something more customizable, you can leave your contact information and we shall get in touch with you!

For the convenience of our customers we have both monthly and annual subscriptions. However it is advisable to take the annual subscription cause there are more freebies and perks that we are offering along with it and is a lot more value for money.

We accept Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Net Banking and PayPal.

After signing up, you can Create Company, Add Employees, Add Services, and Add Completion Status for tasks.

TaskOPad has a ‘Manage Employees’ section, which will enable you to add team members.

There is a separate section for creating tasks that enables you to assign tasks to employees of your company or other person outside your organization.

We have filters for tomorrow, this week, and this month that will show the status of ongoing and completed tasks.

You can see all created or assigned tasks using filters.

In TaskOPad, we have a DMS (Document Management System) that enables you to store and share documents and folders.

No. You cannot schedule meetings.

You can remove the team member from an assigned task, projects, and organizations using respective sections.

Data is completely secure and we store all sensitive data using 256-bit encryption technique. You can read our Privacy Policy .